Manufacturing Consulting Firms

Long-Stanton is a consultant and an active manufacturer. That’s right! A consultant who actually makes things! Why hire someone as a consultant who doesn’t make anything?

  • We are a consultant to the medical industry on product design, prototyping, and sourcing of both invasive and non-invasive devices.
  • We provide engineering assistance in the areas of functionality, manufacturability, and productivity improvement.
  • We provide solutions utilizing both our domestic and Asian resources and we help our customers identify the optimal location for product sourcing.
  • We design assembly methods and we consult with our clients on component selection.
  • We provide consulting services to companies wanting to set up operations in China.
  • We provide consulting services related to tool design, modification, reliability, suitability, and condition.
  • We provide professional CAD drawings for prototypes, parts, and assemblies.
  • We have almost 150 years of experience working for our customers to develop new parts and re-design existing parts.