Additional Long-Stanton Expertise

9388 Sutton Place
West Chester Township, Ohio 45011

P: (513) 874-8020
F: (513) 874-4242

Long-Stanton has complete tool making capabilities, including tool design, automated die sensors, tool repair, tool maintenance, and Wire EDM.

We provide Lifetime Die Maintenance for any die we build and run in-house.

Long-Stanton has full welding capabilities. We are experts at MIG, TIG, and Spot Welding.

Long-Stanton provides full assembly capability. We provide welding, riveting, assembly, and packaging.

Long-Stanton utilizes many continuous improvement techniques including, SPC, KAIZEN, Toyota Production System, and ISO 9001:2008.

Long-Stanton provides secondary machining

Long-Stanton produces Prototypes using our Wire EDM, Turret Press and Tool Room Capabilities.

Long-Stanton provides Engineering, Design, Product Development, and Reverse Engineering Services to create detailed Technical drawings.

We finish and highlight your parts with outside services partners that provide plating, powder coating, painting, heat treating, black oxide, anodizing, galvanizing, deburring, polishing, and more.